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Bazi Fan Yin and Fu Yin

Bazi Fan Yin and Fu Yin ( 八字-反吟,伏吟)

Do you know that in the bazi luck cycle, every bazi chart will get into ” Fan Yin”  at the month pillar every 6th cycle of luck pillar?
So, does it gives bad impact to the person in the career or to the family?  since we learned that the month pillar is also where the career palace resides?
the answer is obviously no again simply because there are many great successful people out there who is mostly at the peak of their career life. Like Confucius has once said
at the 50’s you know your heavenly life ( 五十而知天命), At this age, you probably already know what your life is all about or you had found the clear direction
where you are heading to. Maybe this is the food for thought for all of us when dealing with “Fan yin” or  “Fu Yin”.
When I started my Bazi learning journey with the conventional classical teacher especially those focus points are in determining the useful god, they don’t quite care about the Fan yin and Fu yin.
It only came to appear to me during the Xuan kong and flying Star class in the ” Shen’s Flying Star Feng Shui” .. in one of the cases, the flying Stars are in the position that in the Fu yin manner and it brought the disastrous event to the family. Furthermore, In Qimen Dun jia, the Fan Yin and Fu Yin is used very often as well.
There are quite a number of Fan Yin and Fu Yin version, I think the same applies here .. there is absolutely good or bad when you have fan yin or Fu yin, the whole interaction of the 5 elements do count and the 5 elements is fundamental that never cheat!

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