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On February 4, 2024, at precisely 16:27:01, STAR 9 made its arrival at our doorstep, marking a significant moment in the realm of Chinese Metaphysics, particularly within the school of Xuan Kong or Flying Stars. This occurrence also symbolizes the conclusion of period 8, which commenced on February 4, 2004—two decades ago.

Xuan Kong Practitioners are well-aware that according to the 2 cycles 8 period based on the the early heaven, period 9 was anticipated to arrive in 2017. However, While with reference to the later heaven with the 3 cycles 9 period (3C9P) method, the official arrival of period 9 is acknowledged on February 4, 2024.

In the realm of Flying Star application, the majority of schools adhere to the 3C9P system, as it effectively deals with the distribution of the 9 stars over 180 years, allocating 20 years to each period. Nonetheless, the 2C8P method aligns with the common belief that QI precedes significant events. Therefore, it serves as a reference in analyses. Drawing from the experiences and global events of the last two cycles from period 7 to period 8, the 2C8P method suggests that period 8 began around 1996, coinciding with the onset of the Asian financial crisis in 1997. Similarly, reflecting on the current period 9, the pandemic emerged in 2019, which is about 2 years after the period 9 kick started. This offers a potential clue for further research.

In the San He theory, the Luo Pan incorporates the concept of the heaven plate and earth plate, explaining that the heavenly movements precede those of the earth. In practical terms, this implies that before events unfold on earth, there is a preliminary formation of Qi. The complete manifestation of this Qi then shapes the reality we observe.
Shifting our focus beyond the past to Period 9, which occurred approximately 180 years ago with a timeframe from 1844 to 1864, a notable observation is the connection of major events to warfare. A significant historical figure during this period was Ci Xi Tai Hou, the Queen of the Qing Dynasty, who wielded influence in the 1860s. The Li Gua of Period 9 possibly played a role in providing a boost to these events.
The Gua image of period 9 is “ Li”, it is a fire, it is happening fast, it is bright and it is hollow as indicated in the “ ba gua” itself. That is also one of the indications why more people may be chasing their spiritual path in this period of time.
Do we really need to relate our Bazi chart to period 9 like many of the members were asking? Well IMO, there are entirely two different systems but again we are not doing any science subject here. The synchronicity and affinity are what we are embarking, so those charts with Bing , Ding , Si , Wu ,Wei will receive a bigger impact and I personally suggest that those with ” 辛 Xin ” day master particularly born in the year of Horse or born in the hour of Horse ( 11-1 pm) will have double impact .. Good or Bad? you may share your experience in this thread

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