Gateway to your desired reality via Bazi

Realize prosperity via Bazi realization

In the upcoming International Fengshui Convention organized by IFSA,  CC will be sharing his know-how on Bazi realiazation.

It will be held on the 6 / 7th of Nov. 2022

The title is :  The gateway to prosperity via Bazi Realization
“What is Bazi Realization and how does the understanding of it provide a gateway to prosperity? Through his presentation, He will bring forth and introduce the Spirit element Bazi and what it can do in helping one to attain prosperity in life. Mr Lee Chee Chiang will also share his general forecast of the Ren Ying (Water Tiger Year 2022), how you can tap into the auspicious energy in 2022 through your existing Bazi energy, and what Bazi Realization can help you along the way during your luck cycle.


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