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2022 Golden Chamber Star Great wealth Star

Does the 金匮 ( The Golden Chamber) really bring you great wealth?

We have been watching the yearly forecast from many sources across many Chinese metaphysics especially relating to Astrology.
金匮 ( The Golden Chamber) is one Star that brings a lot of attention because it is relating your wealth. It is indeed one of my favorites 😉
In the year of tiger, the Golden Chamber stars fall in the ” WU 午” the horse palace. if you have 午 in your chart. potentially you are going to have the chance of gaining more wealth this round. But, the question is, will that come to you?
If you have traced and followed long enough in the yearly forecast based on the yearly ” STARS”, you will find that no matter how great or how bad, most of the time it doesn’t affect you so much! So, are all those masters inaccurate or what? emm .. Definitely not! Technically speaking, when the stars are trying to relate to you, it has to be an environment for it to take place and the supporting annual luck or luck cycle must be well in place for it to launch the trigger. all masters know that just that it is not easy to address the public with so many technicals in the whole theory.
Well, when you are in this group, you probably need to view it in a different way and of course not the layman way of looking at it.
For example, you can relate it another level to your day master, for this case, if your day master is a Ren or Gui, Bing or Ding or even Jia or Yi. You will probably have more connections with these Stars.
Secondly, those born in the season of Winter or Autumn. That will be another level closer.
As base on the Li Chun Bazi this year, fire is the most important element in this Ren Ying year. if you have Ding and Bing in your Bazi chart, that will bring you, even more, closer to it.
Well, having said so much, What about some validation for the past years, 2021, Xin Chou year, the ” golden chamber” is residing in the West or Dui palace or ” You”. 酉 / rooster. If you have the rooster in your Bazi’s chart and at the same time your day master is BING, DING, Geng, Xin day master person, did you see any pattern that relates you to money matter more? is it a positive or negative pattern? Look forward to your feedback and sharing if the ” golden chamber ” has touched you in 2021?
hope you enjoy the ” golden Chamber ” and best of luck in Ren Ying 2022. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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